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    Fab Fit Fun & Fredericks of Hollywood Summer of Love

    Summer of Love: Break the Rules


    Quickie Chick Laurel House urges us to break our unwritten rules when it comes to love and dating

    Continue your summer of love and screw tall, dark, and handsome. (OK, not literally!) Jump into the sea (or well) of love and get the love you deserve. Laurel House tells us some thought-provoking questions to ask. (Can you sit … Continue reading

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    Classy vs. Trashy: First Date Edition


    Look (and feel) sexy, confident, classy on a first date

    Collage by FabFitFun / Featureflash / So, you’re going on a date! And whether you’re excited about it (cute boy from the coffee shop — swoon!) or totally dreading it (your grandma begged and pleaded you to pretty please … Continue reading

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    Tough Love from Steve Ward


    The matchmaking guru gives it to us straight

    He’s fun, he’s cute, he tells the truth. What more could we ask for? Oh, his own TV show? He’s got that, too. Steve Ward is the host of VH1′s Tough Love, and he breaks down the scoop on everything … Continue reading

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    A Perfect Portrait


    Create a foolproof online dating profile

    When it comes to online dating, there’s exemplary profiles — think Emily Post, if she had an online profile back in the day, and there’s dreadful profiles — think Snooki. And while it can be entertaining to watch Jersey Shore, … Continue reading

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    A Good (Single) Man is Hard to Find


    Best places to meet potential dates

    You’ve got a thoughtfully polished profile on eHarmony, Match, and every remotely relevant dating site with that sultry profile pic that makes you look like Mila Kunis’ doppelgänger. OK, maybe that’s a stretch, but you do look pretty darn hot. … Continue reading

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    He Is How He Eats

    What his eating habits reveal

    Find out what his table manners reveal

    If you compiled a list of all the guys the FabFitFun team has dated, it would be very, very, very long. Luckily for you, our years of awkward, tortured, uncomfortable, painful dates mean lots of laughs, experience, and advice for … Continue reading

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    New Summer Dates


    Keep your guy on his toes with these fun summer activities

    It’s easy to fall into a dating routine during the summer. With free backyard barbecues, street fairs, and beach days, it’s hard to justify spending an expensive night on the town your guy. But date night doesn’t have to be … Continue reading

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    Summer of Love


    Fab advice for hot, steamy romances

    When we think of summer love, certain memories come to mind… Pounding bug juice at sleep-away camp while swooning over our MASH matches carefully picked from the boys’ cabin across the lake. Painfully boring summer school days made bearable by … Continue reading

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    Recipes for Love


    Easy dishes and desserts for those romantic nights in

    Summer is all about friends…boyfriends, girlfriends, friends of friends, and sometimes your guy’s friends. Sometimes lots of your guy’s friends. But lately you’ve asked yourself: when did my apartment become the set of Bachelor Pad? So if it feels like … Continue reading

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    The Newest Online Dating Sites


    From gamers to vampires, there’s a site for every interest

    So what really makes you fall in love with someone? Their smile? Sense of humor? Compassion? Love of buttery uni? Welcome to the new world of online dating sites. A world where chemistry apparently comes down to one seemingly strange, … Continue reading

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