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    May is National Salad Month! Celebrate with this delish recipe roundup.


    Chicken and Strawberry Salad

    Courtesy of Cooking Light’s Big Book of Salads

    Fun and different, this is a great choice for a romantic lunch. Pair this easy, no-cook meal with toasted buttery baguette slices.

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    Tender Greens Spring Salad

    Courtesy of Chef Erik Oberholtzer, Chef/Co-Owner of Tender Greens

    This colorful veggie salad embraces all the wonderful produce of the warm weather. Add protein for a heartier main dish.

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    Roasted Vegetable
    and Quinoa Salad

    Courtesy of Lauren Schmitt, owner of Healthy Eating & Training, Inc.

    Quinoa is the ultimate super food. The grain packs a ton of protein (8g per cup!) and it’s mighty tasty. We love this hearty vegetarian salad.

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    M Café’s Barley and
    Green Garbanzo Salad

    Courtesy of Consulting Chef Lee Gross

    Green chickpeas are officially our new fave food. Fresh, flavorful, and protein packed, they are a fab complement to the barley and veggies in this fresh, tasty salad.

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    Tuscan Kale Toss

    Courtesy Skinny Chicks Don’t Eat Salad author and celebrity nutritionist/chef Christine Avanti. (And yes, we get that the title is a little ironic considering that this is, in fact, a salad recipe!)

    Cannellini beans give a basic Tuscan kale salad a real protein boost, and cherry tomatoes add a hint of sweetness to this salty, citrus-y dish. And with 7 grams of monounsaturated fatty acids, this salad will help burn belly fat!

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    Kitchen Sink Lite Cobb Salad

    Courtesy of Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop

    This twist on traditional cobb salad nixes the bacon in favor of lighter turkey and chicken. Basil and balsamic combine to give it a full-mouth kind of flavor.

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    Spork Foods’ Niçoise Salad

    Courtesy of Spork Foods, a 100% vegan and organic cooking school based in West Hollywood and co-founded by sisters Jenny Engel and Heather Goldberg

    This classic salad gets a lighter twist. Tuna and eggs have been eliminated in favor of tofu and avocado to create a satisfying vegan entrée.

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    Tropical Mexican Salad

    Courtesy of Step It Up with Steph CEO, Stephanie Mansour

    This tasty, super easy salad is packed with protein and can be whipped up in 10 minutes or less.

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    Thai-Style Confetti Crunch
    Cucumber Salad

    Courtesy of A White House Garden Cookbook by Clara Silverstein, developed by Rebecca Wheeler

    This sweet, light, crunchy salad is the perfect accompaniment to a summer meal and is so much better than traditional mayo-laden cole slaw.

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    Summer Pea, Watermelon,
    and Farro Salad

    Courtesy of Cooking Light’s Big Book of Salads

    How perfect does this combo sound for a summer picnic? Fruit is a unique and tasty addition to a warm weather salad. We love the fresh watermelon paired with hearty farro and sweet summer peas.

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    Blue Cheese Vinaigrette Cobb Salad

    Courtesy of private chef, food blogger, and former star of NBC’s restaurant reality show The Chopping Block Kelsey Henderson

    This decadent, über-delicious salad is definitely something to be savored. Even the most carnivorous gourmets will enjoy this winner.

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    Gluten-Free Crunchy Chicken
    Peanut Salad

    Courtesy of Carol Kicinski

    This fun salad, filled with cabbages, cucumbers, and chicken, is perfect for those going gluten-free.

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    Posted on May 19, 2012


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