The Top 10 Raincoats of the Season

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Counting down the most stylish ways to stay dry


Longline Metal Plastic Mac

Stand out in a sea of black umbrellas with TopShop’s super shiny metallic coat! Its pinkish hue and oversized pockets are sure to make any outfit instantly funkier (and drier).

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Burberry Brit Twill Check Raincoat

It would be a fashion sin not to bring up Burberry when talking raincoats. As the paragon of everything chic and waterproof, we love their classic trenches as well as the more casual designs, in their signature plaid of course.

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Rain Dotted Anorak

Seeing dots? We are too! This anorak from Daughters of the Liberation is super cute, super fun, and makes instant curves with its drawstring waist.

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Mackintosh Luggie coat

J. Crew introduces wool flannel to “rubber-proofed cotton” with this unique trench. We think it’s a match made in fabric heaven — not to mention they offer a 15% discount to students (or overly botoxed women who still look like students).

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Betsey Johnson Ruffle Hem Jacket

We can always count on Betsey Johnson to put a twist on an old classic. With some ruffles, pleats, and an adorable tie waist, this raincoat can go from work to party with ease!

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Featherweight Raincoat

Whether you choose bright red or yellow, this Mossimo Supply Co. raincoat is sure to make you smile in the rain. For under $30, getting into the spring spirit is totally affordable.

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Arborist Trench Coat

Do your part for the planet by staying dry the eco-friendly way. Patagonia’s Arborist Trench Coat is created completely with recycled materials — Leonardo DiCaprio not included.

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Clear Rain Jacket

Here’s looking at you! No seriously, we are looking at you. Leave nothing to the imagination with Forever 21’s see-through rain jacket.

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Verto Jacket

A lot of raincoats can be sporty, lightweight, and colorful, but can they fold down to the size of an energy bar? No closet space is needed for this purchase.

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Star-print Raincoat

We always like to end on a high note (and price tag!). But seriously, we are green with envy over this Miu Miu creation.

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Posted on February 25, 2012

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