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    Set the perfect ambiance for all your summer soirées


    Chive Hudson 8-Hole Vase

    The perfect centerpiece for your patio table, this vase separates each flower so you can see just how gorge they are. Mix different colors and types or keep it all the same for a bold look!

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    Odesa Fire Bowl

    Bonfires are the perfect way to celebrate summer, but you don’t have to go to the beach to cozy up next to your beau! You can do it in your own backyard with this easy-to-use, portable fireplace.

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    Cylinder Beverage Dispenser with Chained Blackboard on Rack

    Let your guests help themselves to a nice chilled beverage of their choice. This glass dispenser comes complete with blackboards to distinguish your sangria from your fruit punch! Plus, through July 31, get 10% off this nifty jug when you use the code FAB7917!

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    KidKraft Outdoor Storage Bench
    with Navy Stripes

    At any outdoor party, seating is key! Help your guests avoid grass stains with this super cute nautical bench seat that doubles as storage.

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    Assorted Brittany Floral Bowls
    $24.98 & $29.98

    Get girly at your party with this super cute flower bowl set! Serve your chips and dip in a charming double bowl, or maybe a blooming onion in the bigger bowl!

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    Home String Lights-Vine Balls

    Set the mood with these natural-looking lights that you can string from your patio umbrella or whatever area needs a little pick me up! Plug ’em in, grab your bottle of wine, and enjoy the ambiance.

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    Pink Cocktail Sugar

    Having a Ladies’ Day par-tay? Add some sparkle to those sweet cocktails with some pink cocktail sugar on the rim! Or sprinkle some of the glittery goodness on your desserts. Or sprinkle some on your boyfriend. (Did we say that?)

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    Marimekko Appelsiini Caliente
    Outdoor Pillows

    Cozy up your outdoor space with these colorful pillows. Weather- and UV-resistant, you can leave them out, or use them inside too!

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    Cute Shapes Ice Cube Trays

    Add that special touch to your drinks (no, not an extra shot) with ice cubes shaped like stars, hearts, and flowers! The Skinny Confidential suggests adding berries and other fruit to the water for a delish drink!

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    Rainbow Stripe Paper Lantern

    What’s the best way to perk up your patio this summer? Two words: bright colors. Ignite the night with this adorbs rainbow stripe lantern and celebrate!

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    Lexus 2-Piece Wicker
    Patio Bar Stool Set

    Sit back and relax with your guests (and a tasty strawberry marg) on this cool wicker patio bar stool set. Cute and comfy, you just might never want to leave!

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    Medallion Outdoor Area Rug

    Add some dimension to your patio with this patterned rug. This beautiful, all-weather, outdoor floor covering has an elegant look that will also stand up to even the busiest high-traffic areas or a packed outdoor party!

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    Patio Tiles

    No patio? No problem! Set up these ultra-lightweight tiles on grass or dirt for an instant floor for your next party. Easy setup, take-down, and cleanup too!

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    Optoma HD66 DLP Projector

    Use this to host movie parties in your backyard, add a fun background to any soirée, or display photos for an anniversary party.

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    ThermaCell Cordless Portable Mosquito Repellent Appliance

    If the threat of mosquito bites keeps you from enjoying your patio, here’s a simple solution: Throw this puppy on and get some bug repelling power big enough to accommodate your outdoor space! Plus, it’s totally safe to use around pets.

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    Posted on July 3, 2012


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