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  • Meatless Monday: Candy Beets Salad

    Public Kitchen’s healthy treat!

    FFF- MM- Beet Salad

    Beets are one of those ingredients that you really don’t appreciate until you’re older. They’re super healthy for you, they bring color to every meal, and they taste insanely delish!

    But at ten years old, if you had served us some goat cheese, orange, pistachio, and candy striped beets, we’d probably just be interested in the “candy” part of it!

    Luckily Executive Chef Tim Goodell from Public Kitchen (inside Hollywood’s infamous Roosevelt Hotel) knows that our taste has much improved from our childhood, and has come up with a gourmet salad to light up our taste buds! Flavored with thyme, lavender, olive oil, and bay leaves, along with an orange and honey for added sweetness, this dish is perfect to serve at your next get-together.

    Public Kitchen’s Candy Beets Salad

    6 bunches candy striped beet from the farmer’s market black peppercorn
    Coriander seeds
    Bay leaves 1 Lemon
    500 gr goat cheese, soft 500 gr heavy cream
    1 tablespoons lavender
    1 tablespoons olive oil
    1 tablespoons honey
    1 orange
    1 tablespoons pistachio
    2 tablespoons meyer lemon oil mache lettuce
    Edible flower
    Candy beets

    Trim the greens and wash the beets
    Cover the beets with water
    Add salt, black peppercorn, coriander seeds, thyme, bay leaves, sliced lemon
    Cook for about 2.5 hours in the oven at 400 Cool down then peel the beets
    Lavender goat cheese
    Place goat cheese, honey and olive oil in mixing bowl.
    Bring the cream to gently boil with lavender
    Pour the hot cream on the goat cheese mixture season with salt only
    Whisk very well until very smooth, then cool down on ice.

    Toss the beets with orange segment, crushed pistachio, meyer lemon olive oil, salt and pepper.
    Place some lavender goat cheese on a plate.
    Add the beets on top of the goat cheese.
    Finish with mache lettuce, borage flower, extra virgin oil and fleur de sel.

    The FabFitFun Team

    Posted on March 25, 2013 in Health


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