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Workout Wednesdays

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by The Workout Girl

Most people want to exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet, but it’s certainly easy to get distracted along the way. Tired from your job? Tempted by convenient fast food? Does happy hour seem to lure you in every week? Don’t let these distractions derail you. Here are some handy dandy tips to help you stay on track to reach your health and fitness goals.

Think Small
It’s all too easy to focus on the big picture — whether it be reaching an overall weight loss goal, holding a plank for over 1 minute, or doing a full set of bicep curls with 10-lb. weights. Instead, think small. Focus on modest, incremental milestones to help you get closer to your big goal. This will help you feel great about small victories along the way, and, as a bonus, the “big one” won’t feel out of reach.

Track Your Progress
When you’re looking forward to a goal, don’t forget to look back and admire how far you’ve come. Ten pounds left to lose? That doesn’t seem so bad if you realize you’ve already lost 20 since you started.

Plan Ahead
When you’re tired after work, do you ever just grab food that’s cheap and convenient? Like fast food? Maybe even fried fast food? (Gasp!) Or frozen, sodium-packed meals from the back of your freezer? Yeah, we thought so. To stick to a healthy diet, do your grocery shopping on Sundays before the work week and plan all your meals ahead of time. That way, healthy weeknight dinners will be a no brainer.

Need even more motivation? Check out this ‘No Excuses’ workout I shared on These exercises are designed to let you watch the drama unfold on your TV, so you won’t have to face a couch vs. workout battle ever again.

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