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Workout Wednesday

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by The Workout Girl

While committing to regular fitness, it’s easy to get stuck in a boring ol’ routine and do the same workout every single time. I call this “Wearisome Workout Syndrome.” If you’re one of the many unfortunate sufferers, it’s time to take your workout routine from “rut” to “rockstar” with these fun fitness game changers.

Pile It On
Do you go for weekly runs, or love to power walk? Why not add 2- or 3-pound weights and tone other areas of your body? Grab some light hand or ankle weights to easily change the focus of your workout from cardio to muscle toning. It seems like a slight change, but trust me, your muscles will feel the difference the next morning!

Channel Your Inner Lady Gaga
Tired of the same warm up, workout after workout? Why not blast your favorite dance tunes and pretend you’re the star of your own music video? Bonus: you’ll break a sweat while having fun. (Just please do us a favor, and leave the singing to the professionals.)

Make It A Double
Invite a friend with similar fitness goals to join your next workout. With another person’s input, you’ll have plenty of new workout moves to add some variety to your fitness repertoire.

Still stuck in a workout rut? Not to worry. I post new workouts each week that you can do at home (or anywhere!) with minimal equipment. Check ’em out at

xoxo, Workout Girl

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