Healthy Weight Gain and Pregnancy

Learning to Love Your (Pregnant) Body

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Women feel it all the time: the pressure to lose weight, exercise, and balance career and family — while still looking fab. Once you get pregnant, your whole world changes — things come into sharper perspective, your future lights up, and the excitement envelopes you…and your waistline. It may be hard to suddenly love those new hips, or admire your stretch marks, so here are some tips on the truth of weight gain during pregnancy, and what you can do to stay positive!

Your new normal: When you’re pregnant, you have to shift your expectations to a “new normal.” You should no longer look at your skinny friends with envy or try fitting into your old size 4 jeans. Pregnancy is a time of growth and reflection, and trying to fit into your former standards of beauty will only make you feel frustrated and sad. Expect growth, expect change. But also expect that nothing lasts forever.

Think “healthy,” not “thin”: Diets are for the weak. When eating for two, you want to power your diet with super foods. We’re talking about powerful spinach, broccoli, fruits, nuts, and protein. If you eat a well-balanced diet and get moderate exercise during pregnancy, your body is better able to lose the weight more quickly after delivery. That said, pregnancy can mean a weight gain of anywhere from 10-40 pounds, so don’t fret if you’ve gained some substantial weight, or worry that you’ve gone too far. It’s reversible!

Surround yourself with support: Nausea, stress, and being super tired all the time sure ain’t fun, but having yourself surrounded by a supportive husband, friends, and family sure does help. Recruit your hubby to give up alcohol with you, or solicit friends to do yoga with you a few times a week. There is strength in numbers!

Just breathe: Now is the time to rest and prepare for your new family, not fret about weight gain or stretch marks. It may be hard to adjust to a new normal and a “new” you, but you’re still the beautiful woman (and mother to be!) you were pre-pregnancy. Take this time to enjoy your loved ones, and to get some extra shut eye before baby comes. You’ll be thanking us later, for sure.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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