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Not-White Wedding

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Prepare to see more than just white bundles of tulle the next time you go wedding gown shopping (who says you have to have a ring on it to start looking?), for the traditional white wedding dress has some stiff competition in town.

Colored gowns in bolder blues, greens, blushes, and even blacks majorly grabbed our attention on the spring and fall runways. Though Queen Victoria, who popularized the white look in 1840, might be turning over in her grave right now, we’re totally embracing the trend!

We chatted with Ariel Meadow Stallings, publisher of the Offbeat Empire and author of Offbeat Bride: Creative Alternatives for Independent Brides on why the daring look is gaining momentum.

“I see colored wedding dresses as less of a trend, and more of a return to common sense,” Stallings opines. “You should wear a color on your wedding that looks and feels great on you. For some women, that may be white — which is awesome! For others of us, it’s red or green or blue or gold and deep purple.”

Here are some of the imaginative wedding guru’s tips on how to wear color right.

Play Up Your Features. Brides should select colors that look good with their skin tone, hair, and tastes. Whether it’s a red, blue, black or purple — the hues Stallings sees most frequently — you should go with whatever has suited you best in the past.

Go Bold All Over. Colored dresses provide a great template for added creativity when it comes to bridal makeup and accessories. For example, Stallings suggests contrasting a rich purple gown with gold eye shadow and accessories.

Consider Your Destination. Be sure that the gown color doesn’t clash with the venue, theme, or setting of your big day. “The green gown that would look gorgeous at a snowy winter wedding might blend right in with the lawn at an outdoor summer wedding,” she warned.

Not ready to jump on the tinted bridal gown bandwagon quite yet? Stallings suggests starting with a punchy pair of shoes. In the meantime, check out our compilation of swoon-worthy colored confections in this gallery!

Colorful, Non-White Wedding Dresses and Gowns

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