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Fun Fitness Fads

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by The Workout Girl

First came the S-Factor toning pole dancing and strip tease classes. Then came aerial silks so you can pretend you’re a member of Cirque du Soleil. And now we have a ton of crazy off-the-wall workouts that you’d never expect! Here are my top three favorites:

Surfset Fitness. A surfboard indoors? You’d better believe it. These guys let you pretend you’re “riding the big one” in the comfort of a workout studio. The surfboards are on unstable bases that force you to work your abs and strengthen your balance. Now you can surf all year ’round!

Kangoo Running Shoes. These special running shoes have springs on them (and also look completely ridiculous). They do have some great health benefits though. Kangoo shoes absorb most of the impact when you run, which help to protect your knees. You also burn more calories than if you ran with normal running shoes. Plus, it feels like you’re running on trampolines, which is kind of awesome.

Trapeze. So, you didn’t quite make the cut for Cirque du Soleil after those aerial silks classes, and you want to give it another shot? Well, why not take up trapeze? Not just for circus performers anymore, the trapeze is actually a cardiovascular workout that targets the upper body and core. Tone your arms while suspended from the trapeze bar. If you’re very ambitious, you can try plank variations in the air. But beware: this workout is not for those who are afraid of heights!

When things get too crazy and you’re ready to go back to more ‘traditional’ workouts, check out for workouts you can do at home…or anywhere!

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