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Trim Tips

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How many times have you wanted to rush up to the gorge girl on the street — the one with the killer bod — and shake her (gently of course) until she revealed how she maintains her slim physique? Maybe it’s just us, but we find ourselves wanting to do it on the reg but haven’t for fear of looking like one of The Biebs’ crazed Beliebers!

So instead, we calmly present you with trim tips of the everyday slim woman. Warning: follow them and you might just get a gaggle of girls pressing you for your secrets this time!

1. Eat Your Darn Breakfast: It may seem like a no-brainer that eating breakfast first thing in the morning is vital to good overall health, yet so many women still choose to forgo the meal. The calories digested in the morning are key to developing and maintaining a slim figure as they rev your metabolism and kick your body into gear for the day. For fab breakfast ideas, click here.

2. 20-Minute Rule: 20/20 doesn’t just apply to eyesight any more, it’s part of the slim vision also. Take 20 minutes to eat a meal and 20 minutes to digest it. Do what you need to do, whether it be to chew super slowly, put the fork down between each bite, or even tell yourself out loud to slow down (maybe quietly if you’re in public?). Then, before you reach for a second helping or that tempting dessert, wait 20 more minutes and you might find you are pleasantly satisfied.

3. Snack Savvy: You start your day eating so well and feeling just fab about yourself, but then out of nowhere you become super “hangry” (angry out of hunger) and suddenly hate the world. Sound familiar? (Please tell us we’re not the only ones!) Well, if you snack continuously and in moderation on high protein munchies like almonds or hard-boiled eggs, it will prevent a “hangry” binge on unhealthy options later in the day!

4. Number No-Nos: While you should be aware of what you put into your mouth, try not to obsess over the number of calories in each bite. Doing so will lead to a feeling of unhealthy guilt or warrant an unhealthy obsession, neither of which aid in weight loss. Instead, focus on whether what you are putting into your body makes you feel good and gives you the proper nutrition and energy needed to get through your day. Not all 300 cals are created equal (sigh).

5. Cook Yourself Skinny: Although we wish we could be as talented as Giada in the kitchen, it just ain’t happenin’ – but that doesn’t mean we can’t try! It feels like every day there is a new reason not to make a home-cooked meal (hello Lean Cuisine!), but the more you channel Rachael Ray and cook something simple, healthy, and unprocessed you’ll save yourself time (leftovers!), money, and calories!

6. Pass the Protein: We’ve drilled this tip into the ground, but it has to be said again: eat your protein! It will keep you feeling full longer and is essential to toning up and whittling your waist. So combine complex carbs like fruits and veggies with protein, for example strawberries with Greek yogurt or avocados with a whole-wheat tortilla, before the “hangry” girl rears her ugly head!

7. Just Say No: Next time someone at work offers you a brownie, politely refuse by saying, “I don’t eat brownies, thank you” instead of whining that you “can’t” eat them. A new study from the University of Houston found that dieters were able to resist temptation more easily if they said “I don’t” rather than “I can’t” because the latter implies deprivation while the former signals determination!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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