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Ban That Bloat!

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Getting ready for swimsuit season is a completely different experience for men and women. Men grab a pair of board shorts and are ready to scream, “cannonball!” Meanwhile we’re convinced we’re on track to looking like Brooke Burke-Charvet by eating broccoli crudités and hummus. Sorry Charlie, but even super foods like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and beans can turn you into a gas-producing machine, causing unwanted belly bloat! It’s a cruel, cruel world isn’t it?

No need to run for cover or return all your bikinis in favor of a muu muu. We have created a go-to list of anti-bloat foods that will have you looking and feeling your best this swimsuit season. So grab your shopping list and keep that sunscreen handy, because these foods will transport you straight from bloat city to beach babe town!

20130704_boat_banana_thumb Banana: The potassium-rich fruit counteracts water retention from high-sodium foods. It is a perfect, grab-and-go beach snack too!

20130704_boat_yogurt_thumb Yogurt: Active cultures add good bacteria to your gut, which means better digestion and less bloat!

20130704_boat_asparagus_thumb Asparagus: These stalks have diuretic properties that help flush excess fluid from your body. Try them with a splash of lemon juice!

20130704_boat_cucumbers_thumb Cucumber: Cukes are loaded with water, which is key to reducing bloat.

20130704_boat_almonds_thumb Almonds: This protein-packed snack will keep you full while keeping your stomach flat!

20130704_boat_papaya_thumb Papaya: The colorful fruit contains an enzyme that helps your body break down food more easily.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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