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Suitin’ Up

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Our Midwest skin hasn’t felt the sun in months, and Memorial Day is next weekend…which means we need a new bathing suit. Stat. These holiday beach parties won’t wait.

Swimsuit shopping after a long winter can bring up feelings of insecurity and anxiety no matter how fit you’re feeling. So, we sat down with fashion expert and women’s editorial director Tracey Lomrantz Lester to get a few tips on finding the best suit for your body, how to prep for the fitting rooms, and feeling comfortable in your own (fabulous!) skin:

On swimsuit shopping: “I don’t know any woman who enjoys swimsuit shopping, but there are definitely easy ways to make it more painless. I get ready like I’m actually going to the beach — shave, wax, exfoliate, self-tan — to make that moment in front of the mirror less scary! I’m also a big fan of ordering a ton of swimsuits online, then trying them on in the comfort of my own bedroom, minus the fluorescent lighting. Then I just send back whatever I don’t want.”

How to find the perfect suit for your body type: “The key is to play up the features you love and distract from the ones you don’t. Great legs? Choose a high-cut suit to show them off. Small bust? Wear a top with ruffles or ruching to give the illusion of extra oomph. It’s all about working with what you’ve got!”

How to best feel comfortable and confident for the season: “Use your personal style to feel the most ‘you.’ I’m a big fan of accessorizing at the beach. If boho is your signature thing, wear your turquoise jewelry and tiger lily headband with your swimsuit. You’ll feel the most like yourself, which will translate into total confidence. And a (safe!) tan always helps, too.”

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