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Find Your Match with Three Day Rule

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There’s no doubt you are awesome. Great job? Check. A fun person to be around? Check. Great in the looks department with a good head on your shoulders? Double check. Fabulous boyfriend to complement your fabulous life? Radio silence.

You’ve managed to create this amazing life, but you keep getting asked (and ask yourself) the same question: why are you single? No fear. The ladies of Three Day Rule are here to help you figure out the top three reasons you may not have found Mr. Right.

You are not seeking help from friends.
Let’s face it. With 10-hour workdays becoming standard, you are too busy to go guy-hunting on a weeknight. And, we all know the catches are not found in the bar scene on the weekends. Your best bet? Your friends. Let them know you’re single. Tell them what you’re looking for. Go to parties with them and mingle your tails off.

You are on mainstream dating sites.
You are way too busy to be filtering through thousands of profiles and messages on mainstream shopping…er, we mean dating sites. Worse yet, many profile are inactive or people you would never date (who really wants to date the shirtless iPhone guy?). There are other online solutions out there if you’ve exhausted your friends’ networks. One great option here in LA is Three Day Rule, which is selective because members actually have to apply to get in. Only the cream of the crop is accepted. That was our shameless plug.

You are traditional.
We noticed that many women have the Cinderella-like fantasy of men pursuing them, sweeping them off their feet with gifts and lavish dates, and sparks leading to an immediate love affair. Unfortunately, men these days are not as traditional (or proactive) as they were in 1697. Your attitude toward gender roles should also adjust. Ask men out, email them first online, be proactive. Trust us, it works.

You are too fabulous to be single. Get out there, be proactive, and find yourself a great match (or matches) to complement that lifestyle!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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