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The Power of Touch

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Holding hands, a welcomed massage, or even a big ol’ bear hug has proven that the power of touch is the ultimate mind-body medicine. Getting touched also helps to lower stress and blood pressure, boost immune function, and relieve pain — plus, it’s fun! So how can you increase your daily touch time? Check out our fab tips!

1. Hug it out: Families that hold and hug their little ones have stronger bonds, more open communication, and fewer petty battles. Additionally, babies who spend at least 30 minutes a day snuggling up to mama have been known to be more successful at breast-feeding and even cry less! And let’s face it, ladies: We could all use a little less whine!

2. Hold hands with hubby: Not only is it still super cute to hold hands after marriage, but it also boosts unity, reduces anxiety, and strengthens feel-good hormones. Even holding hands for a nightly pre-dinner prayer or meditation can boost the feeling of family and togetherness.

3. Form a massage circle: Anyone who’s ever gotten a massage knows it is the ultimate relaxer! Getting (and even giving!) massages helps reduce the stress hormone cortisol, ultimately helping your immune system and allowing your body to let go of stubborn belly fat (the best benefit yet!). Touching also helps you (and your baby) sleep more soundly for a calmer tomorrow.

So go ahead, ladies — touch it out! Just remember, you’ve heard it here first!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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