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Awesome Tequila Commercial Makes Fun of Obnoxious Dudes

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Alcohol commercials seem to be very focused on giving us the impression that men should be “men” and that wearing sock-less boat shoes is always the right decision.

However, El Silencio Tequila is thinking maybe if the guys shut up long enough they could actually enjoy the drink without worrying about their manhood.

The commercial is of course a farce on the Chivas “Live with Chivalry” campaign which showcases manly-men who know how to party.

So it’s no wonder they cast three women to cut through all that crap and call these bros out on their nonsense. With a hashtag campaign called #SharetheSilence, we gotta respect what this brand is doing with their image.

Instead of a token spokesmodel with a well cut suit and hair like Jared Leto, we get an average but mysterious patron. He looks like he grew the agave with his bare hands and has a mustache that says, “You don’t know me. You don’t know what I’ve been through.”

Mysterious tribal flutes play in the background as he stares into the souls of these three women, who are desperate for something most young men can’t give them: truth. And a night free from obnoxious antics.

The brand launched last summer in LA, and comes from Oaxaca, Mexico. It’s sponsored by a few entrepreneurs skilled in the Hollywood nightclub scene, which might explain their different approach to advertising. They’ve seen it all and know enough to convey that saying nothing is sometimes better for everyone.

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