How to Pose Like a Swimsuit Model

Model-Approved Photo Tips

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Is that Kate Upton? No, it’s just you in your latest swimsuit photos. Whether you’re hitting the beach or a summer poolside soirée, someone always has a camera and you always try to hide. Instead, make your secret weapons your fabulous confidence with a dose of swimsuit-model posing knowledge.

Plant in the Sand: Use the sand to your advantage and dig a butt-sized hole in the sand to nestle in. Put your feet flat on the sand and hug those knees for a casual, yet thigh-flattering look.

Do The Twist: This curve-flaunting pose whittles your waist, no Pilates required. Instead of facing your photo, twist your hips one side and your shoulders facing forward. This creates a slim line that looks carefree. Who me? Photo? I couldn’t possibly — twist and BAM! Instant, Gisele-like slimness.

The Leg-Pop Twist (For Advanced Posers Only): If Candice Swanepoel is your Victoria’s Secret spirit animal, take a page from the leggy supermodel’s handbook. The triple axel of the posing world starts with a leg pop where you cross one leg in front of the other as if you are stepping forward. Lift your heel off the ground, leaving the ball of your foot down and your leg slightly bent. For the finishing touch, do the twist: Put your shoulders in the opposite direction of your bent leg. Add a sexy smile for a dose of Swanepoel-sized confidence.

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