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Summer Hair Care 101

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Months of brutal CrossFit and double days of yoga have you bikini ready and eager to frolic in the sun. (Extra smiles of course if that Ryan Gosling look-a-like is on lifeguard duty again.) You’ve bought sun block in bulk and have a few sun-friendly accessory splurges, but before you dive head first into the deep end, don’t forget to protect your lovely tresses from sun damage. We spoke to Joel Warren, co-owner of Warren-Tricomi and L’Oreal Professionnel Haircolor Ambassador, on tips to protect your hair.

Rinse with fresh water: Before taking a dip into your neighborhood pool, saturate your hair with regular water. After your swim, rinse your hair or wash it immediately with fresh water. “By doing this, your hair absorbs a minimal amount of chlorine so it is less damaging,” said Warren.

Color after shampooing: Forget the age old adage of getting your hair colored on a dirty hair day. During the summer, you sweat more and hair color oxidizes when it contracts sweat. Joel recommends washing your hair the day of to prevent color from prematurely fading.

SPF Your Hair: Just as your skin needs protection from the sun, so does your hair. Joel recommends L’Oreal’s Mythic Oil Colour Glow, which contains Linseed Oil, Cranberry Oil, and UV filters. You can use it as a pre-blowdry treatment for shine, smoothness, and UV protection. 1-2 pumps throughout your hair before you hit the sun will work.

Use color protection: A color protection shampoo and conditioner will help keep your hair from fading in the sun. Joel likes L’Oreal’s INOA Color Care Collection with Argan Oil, which maintains the natural lipids on the outer layer of the hair and contains Green Tea to nourish the hair.

Limit your time in the sun: All good things in moderation, right? Don’t sit out in the sun for too long, and try wearing a hat to cover your hair.

Stay away from sulfates: Sulfates break down your hair color, so limit products with sulfate in them. Salt is also a sulfate, so too much time in the ocean could damage your hair. If daily beach swims are in your cards, follow the same rules of protection that you’d use for a pool. Rinse before and after with fresh water.

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