Summer Full Time Job

How to Enjoy Summer
(Even with a Full-Time Job)

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Working a full 40-hour (or 60-hour!) week, being a good partner, and staying fun, fit, and fabulous is really hard work. Summer is (obviously) the most fun time of year, and here are our tips to make sure you’re taking full advantage of all its lusciousness!

1. Ride Your Bike or Walk to Work: Staying inside at a cubicle under fluorescent lights is hardly appealing. If the weather is right, decide to ride into work! It will give you extra time outside, burn some calories, and improve your mood!

2. Ask for “Summer Fridays”: A lot of larger companies have what are called “summer Fridays” during the summer months. Employees alternate half-day Fridays, so everyone gets a little extra weekend every now and again. Asking HR is sometimes all it takes, and it will definitely improve company morale!

3. Maximize Lunch Hour: Prepackaged sandwiches at your desk make for a pretty lame lunch. Take it outside! Find a park bench, an iced coffee, and have yourself a midday picnic. Even if you normally work through lunch, your work will improve, and you’ll feel more energized during the afternoon slump after taking some time for yourself!

4. Take Advantage of Long Weekends: Remember how wonderful Memorial Day Weekend was? Four day weekends are awesome! Take advantage of strategically placed holidays. You can easily turn a holiday weekend into a mini-vay-k — take Friday off, and get out of town for the weekend! Hitting the nearest beach is possibly the best advice you can get, because nothing says summer like ocean water and cool drinks!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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