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Sexy Sweat Sesh

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by the Workout Girl

Not only can you burn calories in the gym, but also you can have a sweat sesh in between the sheets. Here are how many calories you’re burning when you’re getting frisky in bed:

Making out: When you’re in a hot and heavy lip-locking session with your partner, you’re burning approximately 238 calories per half-hour.

Giving oral sex: Giving your partner oral sex can burn approximately 100 calories per half-hour. Tell your partner about this, too, so he/she will be more willing to reciprocate the favor. :)

Having sex: Doing the horizontal tango can burn 144 calories per half-hour. Turn your love fest into more of a workout by making it last longer and switch positions often. Double bonus: Women who have an orgasm during sex burn more calories than those who don’t.

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Workout Girl

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