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It’s officially summer, and for many that means…vacation. While we all look forward to a few days of utter relaxation, vacation can also mean days of gluttony and inactivity. (Read: lying on a beach with a cocktail in hand. Ah, yes.) For this summer vacation, why not incorporate some fun activities to shake things up? As a bonus, you’ll be having so much fun that you won’t even know that these activities are actually exercise!

Snorkel it up. Are you vacationing in a tropical destination? Grab some snorkel gear and hit the ocean! While you’re scouting some exotic marine life, you’ll also be burning calories! A 150-lb. woman will burn approximately 340 calories after snorkeling for one hour. (Source:

Take a hike! Get to know your new surroundings by going on a nature hike! Before you get overwhelmed, realize that “hiking” is really just walking outdoors. Ask locals for the best trails nearby, and take in the beautiful scenery! For a 150-lb. woman, you can burn approximately 430 calories after hiking for one hour. (Source:

Hit the dance floor. Are you checking out the local nightlife? Find a hot spot with a dance floor, and dance the night away! A 150-lb. woman can burn approximately 378 calories per hour while getting her groove on. (Source:

When you’re ready to make fitness a regular habit, head to for new weekly workouts you can do anywhere.

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