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Insect Inspiration

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Unless you’re referring to Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man or No Doubt and their hit song Spiderwebs, we think it’s safe to say that spiders are not a girl’s best friend (unlike diamonds, which are always welcome).

But have you ever considered rocking big, bold “spider” lashes? Sure, it may be a little ironic that the clumpy look we all used to try to avoid (similar to a bad perm) is now totally in vogue, but hey, if it looks good on the Kardashians…

OK, so maybe a little makeup won’t instantly turn us into a Kardashian, but wouldn’t you love to know how Kim K. gets those gorge lashes? Well ladies, today is your lucky day! We chatted with celebrity makeup artist Troy Jensen (he’s worked with Kim K., Kate Beckinsale, Eva Mendes, and Cameron Diaz, just to name a few) and got the scoop on how exactly to achieve those super sexy “spider” lashes. Just follow these four simple steps:

Step 1: Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler.

Step 2: Apply a few coats of black mascara and let it dry completely (this is essential).

Step 3: Fit a false lash to your eye by placing it without glue (if the false lash is too long for the eye, trim off the outer edges). It’s also best that the lash doesn’t extend all the way from end to end. Instead, cut off a tiny bit from each end, as this will keep the lash from dragging the eye down.

Step 4: Apply the lash! Lightly dab the glue right under the lash band from end to end. Carefully place the lash along the lash line, making sure you get as close as possible. Using a pointed Q-Tip, nestle the band and adhere to the eye.

And presto! You are now officially a spider (lash) lover. See, a little insect inspiration never hurt anyone (unless the spider happens to be crawling in your bathtub).

For more awe-inspiring makeup tips and trends, check out Troy Jensen’s blog, You Wish.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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