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Shocking Food Facts

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Remember when a nip slip was surprising? Or when a nude celeb was all you and your girls were chatting about? Well, those days are gone and the shock value of a little skin is a thing of the past. But what will leave you with your jaw on the ground are the real facts about some of your favorite (and regularly consumed) bites.

You just might want to stock up on some of those “off limits” items and be a little more conscious about the “healthy” treats next time you’re scoring snacks for wine night — err, ladies book club. Ready, set, rethink.

Chocolate Chocolate
Your ultimate fave has proven to be as wonderful for you as fruit. You heard right. Pure dark chocolate is higher in antioxidants than some of your most beloved “super fruits.” Aside from aiding in disease fighting, the goods in chocolate can help prevent wrinkles. Score!

Beef Jerky Beef Jerky
It’s football season, but you’re steering clear of the nachos? Good idea. But feel free to go cray cray on the beef jerky. The deal? Jerky is high in protein and has a way of not raising insulin levels. Opt for chem-free types made with all-natural ingredients. This is a super snack between meals especially if you’re on the weight-loss train. Consider this one jerk you might want to spend forever with.

Granola Low-Fat Granola
It’s your go-to breakfast. The problem with it? Some brands (like Quaker Natural Granola) are chock-full of sugar. How much exactly? Almost as much as a Twinkie, which actually might go better with your coffee. Bottom line, sugar turns to fat and fat is what you don’t want. Ditch the granola — opt for oats or these fab breakfast options.

Veggie Pizza Pizza
You’ve heard the Italian pie called one of the “worst foods,” right? Well sure, if you order it with cheese-filled crust and meats galore. But if you order thin crust, half the cheese (less fat) and pile your pie with broccoli and spinach, you’ll actually get an adequate veggie serving and your taste buds won’t even know you’re on a diet.

Fruit Fruit
Hailed as “nature’s candy,” some of our favorite fruits have become a little less healthy over the years. So much so that it now takes eight oranges to equal the vitamin A that one orange provided a few decades back. The cause: soil stripped of nutrients. Boo. Now what? Buy organic and add more fruits and veggies into your diet.

Fried Food Fried Food
The words “fried” and “bad for you” go together like peanut butter & jelly. Actually, that’s not true. Your longstanding love of fried treats can now happen, so long as those crispy bites are fried in a healthy oil (not your BFF butter or trans fat). Have that extra serving of veggie tempura because fat-soluble vitamins (like A, D, E, K, lycopene, and beta-carotene) need fat in order to be absorbed by your bod.

Yogurt Yogurt
French women eat it to stay thin, or so you’ve heard. True. But those Franco-femmes aren’t downing banana cream pie-flavored Yoplait treats. The problem with those creamy, decadent cups? They have almost as much sugar as a slice of pie or 1 1/2 Twinkies. Stick with low sugar or plain options, and your hips will thank you.

Pinot-Noir Pinot Noir
If you aren’t a fan of reds, become one. The antioxidants in pinot noir are something to rave about. You know what that means: disease fighting. The vino has a way of reducing belly fat when sipped in moderation throughout the week, which we love. So stop feeling bad about wine night. You’re doing it for your health.

Wheat Wheat
They told you it was bad and you listened. So what’s the deal? Wheat isn’t your archenemy. In fact, it’s packed with fiber and minerals, many of which we ladies need. The big “W” can be essential to good health. Think reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. It even helps with weight loss. Do you still hate wheat?

Washed Greens Pre-washed Greens
Who has time to wash salad and then put it into the salad spinner? Our advice: Make time. Those pre-washed salads that we’ve grown to love may not be as squeaky clean as we’d like to believe. They sometimes carry coliform, a bacteria that are an indicator for contamination. Suggestion: wash greens all the way through, even when they say “pre-washed and ready to eat.”

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