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Screwing the Rules: 50 Shades of Sexy

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by Laurel House of The Quickie Chick

You are a seriously sexual creature. Yes, you are. Not feeling it? Sometimes you just have to have that side enlivened.

Single? Get Out of Your Box!
If you’re single — still — and you don’t want to be, maybe your dating strategy isn’t working. Maybe what you need to do is try something different to get out of your box. First, do something that makes you feel like a goddess, something that makes you feel sexy! Take a bath, get a massage, pull out your sexy lingerie, get gussied up, and know you look hot! This isn’t about looking sexy for him. This is about feeling sexy for you.

In a Relationship? Need to Reignite the Flame?
Plan it! Have an attitude of sexy. Flirt with your man again. Make out. Put some effort into it! Sometimes we forget to try. We stop shaving. We stop wearing our sexy panties. We stop flirting. It’s too easy to get too comfortable. Enough already!

Read Erotica!
Sounds silly, but seriously, reading erotica can help to inspire your sexual side. Unlike porn — which caters to a man’s visual needs of watching others in the act — reading about sex helps women tap into our inner vixen by allowing us to put ourselves in that place in our minds. Even sexier? Read it to each other. Every night or a few nights a week, set aside a time to pull out a book and take turns reading to each other. Sip chardonnay while doing it if you want. This is no elementary activity. It’s surprisingly sensual. Lay in his lap, close your eyes, and listen to his voice. It doesn’t have to be erotica. It can just be a good book — whatever you mutually agree on. Like your own private book club.

Which brings me to Fifty Shades of Grey, a book that sold more than 30 million copies! Yeah, kind of proves that women are seriously sexual and even interested in pushing beyond missionary!

Fifty Shades of Sexy
Want to take it to the next level? Replicate a few of the fantasies from Fifty Shades of Grey. How? Stay at the Heathman Hotel in Portland, OR. I did. And oh yes, it was super sexy! Not in a sleazy sexy way but a beautiful, romantic, heady way. The kind of sexy where you snuggle up in the lounge in a corner booth sipping a Fifty Shades of Gin cocktail and listen to live jazz musicians play.

If you want to indulge the reading-to-each-other side, escape to the author library, where you will find thousands of books autographed by the authors who stayed at the hotel (you will be turned on by the huge names on the shelves), and sip a glass of rose, chardonnay, or red wine during the nightly complimentary wine tasting.

Be sure to call ahead and ask for the “Goddess Package.” Upon checking into your room, you will find a bottle of chardonnay, a red rose, a box of utterly decadent chocolates from Cacao Drink Chocolate, and oh, yes — a gray tie. Because sometimes being bad is good.

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