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Got It in the Bag

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Dear G,

My purse is always full, but I never seem to have what I need. What are your on-the-go essentials?

– Monica

Dear Monica,

Receipts, gum wrappers, loose change — one time I even found a bottle of hair gel autographed by Pauly D. in the depths of my bag.

It’s true, us ladies like to hang onto every useless item until our purses are overflowing like an episode of Hoarders. And yet, we constantly find ourselves in a pickle while we’re out and about and need something ASAP.

So I am all about being prepared — without having to carry the kitchen sink in a Mary Poppins-style bag! Here are my totally totable purse must-haves that have come to my rescue on many occasions!

A Portable Cell Charger: How many times have you been out and panicked because your cell phone was on 3% battery life with no electrical outlet in sight?! Well hold the phone and take a deep breath, because a portable device charger can truly be your lifeline. The Anker Astro Mini is only the size of a lipstick — but will keep your battery alive!

Mini First Aid and Sewing Kit: From broken straps to broken nails, a mini first aid and sewing kit will keep you prepared for any and every mishap. This gift set from The Container Store includes a first aid kit with necessities such as bandages, cotton swabs, nail clippers with a file, scissors, tweezers, and safety pins. The sewing kit includes needles, five colors of thread, buttons, scissors, safety pins, a pop-up thimble, and more tools just in case!

Eye Makeup Remover Sticks: Some days I run around from set to set, and by the end of the day my makeup is running too! So I’m in love with these Almay Oil-Free Makeup Eraser Sticks to keep my eye makeup looking fresh from day to night. Whether you need to remove smudges or want a whole new look, these are perfect to have on hand.

Multitude Headbands: If you’re going straight from the office to a yoga class – this mix of sparkly and matte headbands is vital. The gorg versatile bands come in sets of four and can be wrapped multiple times to create a hair tie in a pinch!

Sunscreen Towelettes: Ever been at a ball game and smelled something burning only to realize it was your own unprotected skin? Yep, leave the charbroiling to the grillmasters, and keep the harmful rays at bay with these mess-free, portable sunscreen wipes. This pack by Sun-X comes with 50 of the little skin-protecting cloths!

xx, G

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