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Feel Good from the Inside Out

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When we were little, Mom constantly imparted two important messages…

One: to always take our vitamins.

And two: never let a boy get past first base.

Well, Mom would be very happy. Little Billy? Not so much!

At FabFitFun we’re all about spreading the health and as grown-ups we understand that a daily vitamin is a key component to feeling good from the inside out.

That’s why we partnered with Pure Matters to give you an uh-mazing deal on their super-charged multivitamins. We’re talking a whopping 60% off — meaning you pay only $9.95 for a $24.95 bottle. So M-A-J-O-R!

Pure Matters Women’s Multi-Vitamins Essentials are a well-balanced formula of vitamins, minerals, and herbs that help fill in those momentary lapses at the deep-fried drive-thru or the sugar-coated vending machine (Wild Berry Skittles are not considered a fruit no matter how you try to spin it).

Their unique multivitamins are filled with antioxidants and super nutritious fruit extracts from açai and goji berries, pomegranate, and mangosteen, which all help keep that pep in your step. The blend also features calcium, vitamin D3, and boron to support bone and blood health, along with extra folic acid and iron. We feel healthier just writing about it.

But the deal gets even better. In addition to the discounted multivitamin, Pure Matters is giving FabFitFun readers 30% off of the rest of the entire site! Gosh we love a sale. It’s like making money while you shop!

So what are you waiting for? Embrace the joy of the sale and get your bottle of Pure Matters Multi-Vitamins Essentials today.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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