How to Get and Maintain Longer Hair

Luscious Locks

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The Little Mermaid had it. So did Sleeping Beauty and Princess Jasmine. We aren’t talking about a castle or even a dreamboat prince chasing after them. We are referring to long, luscious hair. Ever since we could walk and talk, we have been hardwired to covet long locks, so it’s no wonder the obsession continues into adulthood.

Not all of us have been able grow out our locks to the dreamy length we desire and some of us even fake it till we make it with extensions! While there is nothing wrong with adding a little sumthin’ sumthin’ here and there, the real deal is hard to beat. We decided to get some professional advice from hair guru Missy Craig, who gave us all her tips and tricks for long, luscious hair.

Missy said “long, healthy hair starts at the scalp.” She suggested brushing at night with a boar bristle brush (her favorite is a Mason Pearson brush) which will “stimulate the scalp and keep it thriving.” No need to pull a Marcia Brady and count 100 strokes, though!

Missy is also a big advocate of washing your hair less often and relies on dry shampoo in between washes. Her go-to dry shampoo is René Furterer Naturia. When you do shampoo, she recommends using a strengthening shampoo and conditioner like Aquage.

Two other tips for mermaid hair: don’t pick split ends and be sure to switch up the height of your ponytail to minimize breakage at the same spot.

Now get out there and wow us with those dreamy locks!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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