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Terrifying ‘Period Panties’ Scare Away Potential Lovers

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Gird your loins! Period Underwear is officially a thing that is happening.

A new Kickstarter campaign for “menstrual themed undies” aims to help women during that not-so-glamours time of the month by alerting potential lovers to what’s going on inside our drawers.

Um, gross? Period Panties have names like Rainbo: First Blood, Bloody Hell, and Sour Puss, and are lined with a black material at the crotch to help camouflage any stains that might occur during your period. But most importantly, they announce to anyone hoping to get you in the sack that your lady parts are temporarily closed for business.

Creators at Harebrained, Inc. said that women should see the undies as a “celebration of their womanhood.” So instead of throwing on those old gray granny panties when Aunt Flow gets to town, you can now sport colorful, ridiculous designs like the Evil Beaver. The campaign has already earned over $76,000, far surpassing its $10,000 goal.

Oh, but if you contribute now, you can get a few of their “cramp stamp” temporary tattoos. …Cute?

What do you think about the Period Panties? Let us know in the comments!

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I love these Panties. They look good and pretty


I honestly don't know what I like more...the panties themselves or the fact that a man came up with the idea!  Perfect on soooooo many levels!

Dyana Bisel Johnson
Dyana Bisel Johnson

Did you watch the video? It's fantastic....got my friend birthday shopping done for the year!