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Perfectly Pretty Posture

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by Robin Long of The Balanced Life

I’m no beauty expert, but I do have one magical tip to help you look slimmer, sexier, and more attractive…even without stepping foot in a gym. What could be better?

As you read this right now, there’s a good chance you’re slacking and slouching over your keyboard, letting it all hang out. Not a good look and not good for your body. Slouching your shoulders and hunching your back can ruin even the most carefully crafted outfit, because, let’s face it: Poor posture just isn’t pretty.

Poor posture leads to back pain, neck tension, compressed organs, and a whole host of other issues. But not only that, it can look you appear less fit than you actually are, and less confident, too.

You’re a strong, independent female, so don’t let yourself become a victim of poor posture! Practicing perfect posture will help you appear slimmer, taller, and more polished. Others will perceive you as more confident and capable.

Still not convinced? Good posture not only affects the way others view you, but science shows it actually gives you more confidence in yourself.

According to research conducted at Ohio State University, “Researchers found that people who were told to sit up straight were more likely to believe thoughts they wrote down while in that posture concerning whether they were qualified for a job.

“On the other hand, those who were slumped over their desks were less likely to accept these written-down feelings about their own qualifications.”

So what can you do to improve your posture?

1. Stand up straight, aligning your shoulders directly over your hips.
2. Relax your shoulders down your back (in other words, don’t wear them like earrings).
3. Draw your belly button in toward your spine to engage your core.
4. Keep your chin tucked, as if you were holding a peach between your chin and your chest.

Bonus: By maintaining proper posture throughout the day, you’ll build core strength without doing a single crunch. Keep your posture pretty throughout the winter and you’ll be on your way to flatter abs by spring.

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