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Paris in Spring

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Oh là là! Did someone say “four-course, prix fixe menu?” That’s music to a Chicago girl’s ears! FFF just signed up to sample another menu from Paris Club’s French Chef Series, and thought it was about time we passed along this awesome date night idea.

Paris Club executive chef, Alex Ageneau, has created a slew of fabulous menus all year long, and we just can’t get enough. Each of his French Chef events features a renowned culinary master cooking up his favorite dishes in the Paris Club kitchens. Authentic French food without the expensive plane ticket? Yes, please.

We wanted to know how we can cook like a French chef in our tiny Chicago kitchen, so we sat down with Chef Alex to get a few tips:

Upgrade your spice rack: Take simple meals to the next level by using high-quality ingredients. “Instead of salt, when cooking I would recommend using a high quality fleur de sel or maldon salt. It’s not processed and you can use less. It also gives your dish a nice crunch,” he said.

Brush up your grill skills: Want to really impress a dinner party or that cute guy you invited over for a cookout? Serve up a Gibson’s-worthy steak. “When grilling a piece of beef or steak, only season the side you’re searing first. Season the other side when you’re going to flip it over. If you season both sides prior, the flavor will escape with the moisture.”

Treat veggies with care: Do your homework when it comes to storing fresh summer veggies. Not everything can be tossed in the refrigerator. “With tomatoes now in season, don’t put them in the fridge — it’s too cold. Keep them in a warmer place out of the sun to retain their freshness,” Chef Alex said.

Bon appétit!

xx, The FabFitFun Chicago Team

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