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One Meal the Whole Family Will Love

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Mom is a vegetarian, dad eats paleo, and the kids only eat foods with either SpongeBob SquarePants on the label, or cookies laced with pure sugar. Dinnertime is a disaster, and it seems like no one is ever happy (not to mention the never-ending dirty dishes!).

What is the solution? Here are our tips and tricks to help make meals fun again!

  • Have a plan. If mom is vege, but dad loves meat, have a compromise that the family will eat vegetarian friendly meals half of the week, or that meat is made separately (and can be added individually). Solutions like this save lots of headaches!
  • Save time. Celebs like Martha Stewart swear by slow cookers such as a Crock-Pots. Simply wash, cut, and season everything the night before, and simply turn on the next morning before leaving for work. Let time be on your side!
  • Make it fun! Theme nights are a great way to make kids excited about eating “adult” food. Think Mexican enchilada night, or roll your own sushi Thursdays. This gets kids experimenting with new (healthy) foods!
  • Scrimp and save. Dinners out are super expensive, so instead of splurging on takeout toward the end of a week, have an “everything but the kitchen sink” night, where all of your leftover produce can be turned into a fantastic stew, or any leftovers can be transformed into an easy family-style picnic. Bon appetit!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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