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Awesome Ombré

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From hair color to nail color to sunglasses, ombré hues are taking over the world (just like Ryan Gosling, who was totally robbed of Sexiest Man Alive, but that’s so 2011). Ombré is a two-toned graduated color look — think G’s fab locks or Gwen’s iconic wedding dress.

Simply put, ombré lips are the newest beauty trend to hit the runway.

And no, we’re not talking about just another new lip color or gloss, but rather combining products to create a completely gorgeous ombré effect. Sounds complicated, right? Not so ladies; it’s actually super easy (if Vanilla Ice can renovate his own home, a little DIY ombré lip should be no problem).

The most exciting part is that you probably already have the necessary supplies stashed away in your Chanel (or Twilight, whatever floats your boat) makeup bag, so all you need to do is experiment. And by following these three easy steps, you will be off to your next soirée with your new ombré look faster than you can say “Ryan Gosling” (sorry, can’t get him off our minds):

1. Apply a dark matte lipstick to your top lip only (try Dior Addict Lipstick in Perfecto 991). Yes, it may look a little like you have no bottom lip at first, but have no fear!

2. Lightly rub your lips together, taking caution to only get the lipstick on the top portion of your bottom lip (ideally, the very bottom of your bottom lip will be lipstick free).

3. Using either your finger or a lip brush, apply a clear gloss from the center of both lips out to the edges (we like NARS Lip Gloss in Triple X).

In order to complete your look, try using a warm, neutral shadow on your eyes (Taylor Momsen should not serve as your inspiration), as your lips should remain the dominant element. Keep your eye liner minimal, but feel free to use a heavy hand when it comes to mascara (think Kim K). And presto! You have officially taken this look from the runway to the streets (and hopefully between the sheets, if you’re lucky).

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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