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Sexy Beast

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We all have it — that complex behavioral process that forces us to take action — animal instinct. Maybe it’s the crouching like a panther, hopping like a frog, and twisting around like a crab that makes this workout class sound like a trip to nature. But regardless, a hot new concept in workouts is having us sweating our way to a better body, just in time for the new year.

It’s called Animal Flow, a class created by fitness expert Mike Fitch. It allows you to “unleash the beast within” to achieve a sculpted, trim physique.

Using a combination of fluid, fundamental movements based on the concepts of Parkour, breakdancing, gymnastics, free running and circus arts, this class will have you performing a series of animalistic moves through various planes of motion. From animal to animal, you’ll channel the moves of nature’s finest beasts — and it’ll leave you dripping in sweat while toning every muscle in your body.

And for those of us who get bored with the same old workout, this class is ideal. After all, Fitch created it after he felt his own freestyle weight routine getting boring. Nothing like switching things up just in time for the new year!

Hear them roar.

Various locations throughout Manhattan

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