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Nutritionists Tell All

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With wedding season (translation: weekends ahead filled with Petunia pink bridesmaid dresses) and summer just around the corner, you may be frantically scheduling in bootcamp sessions and Bikram yoga in between marathon training to drop the lbs. Sure, religious jaunts to the gym may drop the number on the scale, but they may also drive you nuts.

There’s a smarter way to burn fat, and we’ve rounded up our favorite nutritionists to share their best fat-burning secrets to maintain a healthy weight.

Keep track of time: Registered dietitian and author of A Recipe for Life by the Doctor’s Dietitian, Susan Dopart, recommended eating a high protein breakfast within an hour of waking and getting at least eight hours of sleep to keep your insulin, ghrelin, and leptin (aka: your hunger hormones) in check. “If you get too little sleep, ghrelin increases and thereby makes you hungry and crave salty, sugary snacks.” Don’t go more than four hours without food to keep your metabolism strong.

Get enough vitamin D and calcium: “Research suggests that calcium and vitamin D play a role in helping your body burn more fat (called fat oxidation), particularly belly fat,” said Kate Geagan, registered dietitian and author of Go Green, Get Lean. For those who don’t do dairy, Kate suggested a non-dairy beverage like almond or coconut milk fortified with calcium and vitamin D.

Balance your blood sugar: When trying to lose weight, a balanced blood sugar level is key. Integrative nutritionist and registered dietitian Breea Johnson suggested including good sources of protein, carbs, and fat in all meals and snacks. This will help increase satiety and weight loss.

Go nutty: Skinny Chicks Eat Real Food author and celebrity nutritionist/chef Christine Avanti said nuts not only help protect against obesity, but studies have shown that eating nuts can boost serotonin levels, helping to speed up weight loss.

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