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Novel Ideas for a Holiday ‘Staycation’

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Wallets are tight, time is short, and…the kids are home from school for two weeks. While a quick trip to Fiji would fit into your ideal world quite nicely, we know that’s not exactly economical (or realistic!). Here are some great ideas to enjoy your hometown (and children) a little bit more this holiday season:

Spread some holiday cheer (and good will): Take your kiddies to volunteer at the local soup kitchen for an afternoon. The Kardashians are known for giving back in LA, and this is one of their favorite ways to get involved.

Spend a day working with your hands: Check out family-friendly cooking classes or paint your own pottery studios for a way to bring creativity home!

Get pretty: Have a girls’ spa day complete with mani-pedis, new haircuts (or simple shampoos), and a touch of mommy’s makeup (we won’t tell dad). Plus, it always feels good to pamper yourself.

Kick it into high gear: Check out a local ice skating rink or “mommy and me” yoga classes, or hit the park for a soothing stroll and healthy picnic. You knock out your exercise time in one fell swoop!

Get hungry: Hit up some restaurants you’ve been dying to try. Plus, lunch specials are typically half the cost of a dinner portion. Bon appétit!

Enjoy some quiet time: Check out local story circles at the library or a bookstore, or trace the history of your town at a nearby museum. Sometimes “staying local” is most of the fun!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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