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Bathe Me, Baby

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In a city filled with lots o’ constant action, we’re always in search of something to help us escape all the hype, if only for a couple of hours. And a recent discovery has smoothed the busy NYC path to wellness and overall relaxation.

It’s called AIRE Ancient Baths, and ladies, you’ve got to get there — ASAP. Hidden inside a former textile factory on a quiet street in Tribeca, it’s the ultimate escape in the form of a super chic bath house inspired by the ancient Greek, Roman, and Ottoman traditions.

The 16,000-square-foot space is filled with white marble, candles, and stone imported from Spain. It’s home to several pools for the ultimate bath experience, each a different temperature so you can dip into one and then the next at your own pleasure (the pools vary from a hot 102 degrees to a rejuvenating 46 degrees). There’s also a eucalyptus-infused steam room, a mind-relaxing saltwater pool where you effortlessly float around, and a heated stone slab to sit on while sipping tea.

Feel like being totally indulgent (as if you don’t already)? Add on a massage to the 90-minute bath experience — there’s an excessive yet completely amazing-looking four-handed massage on their spa menu — or go for one of the special three-hour treatments, like a private bath for two that’s infused with red wine.

The bath is co-ed, which brings up our next point — we can’t think of a more romantic way to relax with your Valentine.

xx, The FabFitFun NY Team

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