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New Year, New You Challenge Winners!

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We know you’re all going to have an amazeballs 2013 — and how do we know?! Well because all of you are tweeting and sharing every step along the way in our New Year, New You Challenge with EAS Sports Nutrition! (And trust us, we may be the only people who ever actually ask to see a pic of your dirty running shoes.)

So take advantage of the uh-mazing opportunity to win — and you could end up rich in fabulous prizes and quality of life! How’s that for a happy new year?!

Check out our lucky winners below!

Day 1: Jump For Joy!
Winner: Clisty B.
@FabFitFun #EASfit only took 50+ jumps till the kids could get a good pic!

Won: A gift basket full of fab fitness wear from ASICS!

Day 2: Jar of Happiness
Rhonda P.
@FabFitFun I’m well rested and ready for anything! :) #EASfit

Won: A BelleCore babyBelle Fit bodybuffer!

Day 3: Pack in the Protein
Kimber H.
homemade vegtrn stuffed pprs (brwnrice, blkbeans, soycrmbles, tomat,onion,jalap)DELISH! @EASbrand @FabFitFun #EASfit

Won: Lean 15 Protein Powder and Nutrition Bars!

Day 4: Show Your Glow
Andrea L.
When I cant make it to the spa, this is how exfoliate, & relax! @FabFitFun #EASfit #MontagneJennesse #greenteapeeloff

Won: LATHER’s Perfect Retro Face Kit

Day 5: Dance Dance Dance
Day 5: Dance Moves like Jagger?! My first time playing Just Dance 4. Gonna dance myself skinny! :) @FabFitFun #EASfit

Won: The Motorola S11-FLEX HD Wireless Stereo Headphones with Bluetooth

Day 6: Healthy Start to Your Day
@FabFitFun Day 6– Whole wheat pancakes w/ yogurt + fruit on top. Also a glass of milk :) #EASfit

Won: A ’50s-style black and red polka dot bikini from Unique Vintage!

Day 7: Play with Pups
Winner: Gretchen G.
@FabFitFun Who knew a dog could love going down the slide so much #EASfit

Won: A bottle of Thibiant Beverly Hills Vitasource serum!

Day 8: Clean it Up
Deanna D.
Day 8: Freshening up for a long day of meetings w/ clean make-up brushes! @FabFitFun #EASfit

Won: Advanced Mineral Makeup’s Liquid Mineral Foundation

Day 9: Race it Up
Michelle V.
@FabFitFun I already tweeted 1 race but I just signed up for this 1 too! got a discount for doing it last yr :) #EASfit

Won: Two Cellairis Shout! cards!

Day 10: Get Your Vitamin C On!
Amanda H.
Healthy self, healthy skin. Vitamin C power! @FabFitFun @EASBrand NYNY Challenge. #EASfit #vitaminC

Won: A VQ Action Resistance Chair

Day 11: Swap in Healthy Carbs
@FabFitFun this alternative vindaloo dish switches meat for @Gardein and rice(the #carb) for quinoa. #EASfit

Won: A Beauty Package from Mirabella!

Day 12: Mask Your Mane
Arika J.
NYNY Day 12: fav hair mask: #homemade egg whites, oil, water, soak for 30! @FabFitFun #EASfit

Won: A Gigi Hill Martha Cosmetic Bag!

Day 13: Pop of Color!
Winner: K.Olsen
my winter pop of color is my infinity scarf from @MariahOlsen13 and my pink sparkly moccasins! #EASfit @FabFitFun

Won: A Lulu’s Gift Card!

Day 14: Break a Sweat During Commercial Breaks
Kelly S.
Day 14 getting some exercise while watching Dowtown Abbey @FabFitFun #EASfit

Won: A Physique 57 Streaming Workout Membership!

Day 15: Soak Away the Stress
Emily C.
@FabFitFun sea salts for post rigorous exercise and bubbles for relaxation!! #EASfit

Won: A super stylish, sporty, supportive Lima swimsuit from Aqua Sphere!

Day 16: Just Breathe
Grace P.
@FabFitFun I need to do this daily in 2013!! #EASfit

Won: A Weleda Wild Rose Holiday Pampering Kit!

Day 17: Shake it Up
Winner: Maria W.
@FabFitFun Shake Shake Shake #EASfit #Day17

Won: A PEAR Sports Mobile Device!

Day 18: Go Green and Get Lean
Tiffany C.
Say Kale! DD and I loving our Kaleriffic chips! #EASfit Day 18 #NYNYChallenge @FabFitFun @EASBrand

Won: The full line of Savora cooking tools!

Day 19: Pick a Cause, Any Cause

@FabFitFun I donated today and have been giving every year to help save lives and others in crisis #EASfit

Won: A Baby-G Watch!

Day 20: Break the Ice
Amelia L.
@FabFitFun this is how I stay fit during winter time, playing ice hockey 😀 #EASfit

Won: A Sole Society Gift Card!

Day 21: Spice it Up
@FabFitFun I ❤ a good spicy seafood tofu soup, made with red pepper powder & paste! #EASfit

Won: An Annie Chun Skip the Takeout Chinese Food Basket!

Day 22: Winterize Your Salad
Lauren H.
@FabFitFun delish winter salad of bulgur with roasted sweet potatoes, chickpeas & kale #EASfit

Won: A Nantucket Home Spa Gift Basket!

Day 23: Show us Your Workout Gear
Holly M.
@FabFitFun delish winter salad of bulgur with roasted sweet potatoes, chickpeas & kale #EASfit

Won: Mika Yoga Wear!

Day 24: Lean on Each Other for Support
Leslie G.
@EASBrand Therafit shoes please? @FabFitFun #EASfit

Won: A pair of Therafit Shoes!

Day 25: Luscious Lips
@FabFitFun… I CANNOT live without this lip balm/lip glass combo! Perfect blend of healthy and flirty :) #EASfit

Won: Sigma Beauty Kits including a set of essential brushes, a travel kit, and a Paris Makeup palette!

Day 26: Keep in Touch
@FabFitFun TDB, my little kid brother now that I’m back home from college. #EASfit cc @rainynitz

Won: A First Aid Beauty Skincare Dual Repair Collection!

27: Give Yourself a Hand
@FabFitFun #EASfit current nails for Breast Cancer Awareness! Idk how this works but it’d be cool to win :)

Won: Remington Silk Ceramic Iron and Styling Wand.

Day 28: You Snooze, You Win!
Ivana S.
@FabFitFun You Snooze, You Win #EASfit!

Won: A Technogel Pillow!

Day 29: Music to Our Ears
Stephanie G.
@FabFitFun @mesheeky #nyny #EASfit there’s just something about their voice that me want to get moving

Won: A meSheeky Odette Skirt!

Day 30: H2O Makeover
Ashley G.
@FabFitFun @tanda #EASfit a little pink lemonade Dasani water enhancer and my day (and water) is good to go!! Yum!!

Congratulations to Michelle! She did a fantastic job completing all 31 challenges and has now won an amazeballs seven-day luxury cruise to the destination of her choice! If you don’t already have a +1, let’s just say we’re free!

Thank you to everyone who participated! We had a number of uh-mazing readers who completed all the challenges and we hope that you continue to become your best self in 2013. Stay tuned for more fabulous prizes and challenges throughout the year!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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