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Oh yes, there’s a lot of lifting, playing, and subsequent icing that goes into our day. (Like when we lifted our iPhone over our head to play Candy Crush in bed and accidentally dropped it on our nose. We had to ice that puppy for three days straight.)

OK, so maybe we do more bicep curls with our phones than actual weights. But what can we say?! We’re hopelessly devoted to technology! Luckily, our smartphones are so smart that they know we don’t really want to be couch potatoes.

In fact, some of the best workout tools are available right in your app store! We’ve scoped out some awesome applications that help you stay fit, motivated, and on track wherever you go. So stop teasing yourself with digital gummy candies and start training yourself with these fab fitness apps!

Nike Training Club App Nike Training Club, Free: Wanna work out like Rihanna? This app not only has 100 custom-built workouts, but also gives you the opportunity to unlock extra workouts from RiRi’s personal trainer and professional athletes like Hope Solo and Serena Williams! Make your own playlist, track all workout history, and even choose from a list of criteria to create the perfect workout for you!
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Ride the City App Ride the City $1.99: Allowing you to plan routes specific to the city you live in, this app is perfect for anyone who calls herself a city girl! Ride the City generates route details in 39 cities (including cautionary areas), the current weather forecast, closest bike shops, and more! Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha are totes jealous they didn’t know about this app!
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CHI Running App CHI Running App $9.99: We’ve told you all about the studies showing that CHI Running is one of the safest and most effective running techniques, but do you know how to properly pull it off? Well let this app be your guide with video tutorials, audio instructions, along with distance-tracking, pace, and personal stats!
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Pocket Yoga App Pocket Yoga $2.99: Keep falling on your head in frog pose? This is the perfect application for dedicated yogis or even beginners to improve technique! It comes complete with voice and visual instruction through every pose, inhalation, and exhalation. You can even connect this app to your TV and do it in your room at home! Sounds ommmm-mazing!
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Lorna Jane Fitness App Lorna Jane Fitness App, Free: When it comes to fitness, Lorna Jane knows her stuff! The Aussie activewear designer is taking the world by storm, and now she’s even taking over your phone! One of the top downloads down under, the Lorna Jane app tracks your runs, walks, and cycles via GPS, and allows you to see others doing the same in your country! Plus, it has an auto-pause feature which detects when you stop to take a look at a hot guy (or for any reason!).
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The Speedo Pace Club App The Speedo Pace Club, Free: Want to be the next Michael Phelps? No, you don’t have to get a gold grill. Just get this swim training app from Speedo, which features fitness modules for all levels by top coaches to help motivate you and improve your technique! The app also provides a specific social network for swimmers where you can create a team or comment on others, and a pool locator in case you’re travelling or unfamiliar with the area — jeah!
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