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So Fresh and So Clean (Clean)

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We know, we know…you’re downtown celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, and spring cleaning is the furthest thing from your mind. But when you wake up tomorrow morning and wonder, was I robbed? Or is that just a winter’s worth of junk piling up in my kitchen?, you’ll be thankful for this email. Trust us.

As much as we love scrubbing the microwave and straightening up our bathroom, we’re always a little wary of the harsh-smelling cleaning products our grandma sent us (oh, grandma, we don’t need five bottles of window cleaner). So, this year we went to the experts at Fresh Tech Maids to get some tips on cleaning the natural way. Turns out you don’t need those bright blue bottles to get your place smelling fresh. Here are a few tricks to help you get fresh and (naturally) clean:

Do the ’wave: Clean out your microwave the natural way. Heat a bowl of water in the microwave with two lemon halves for five minutes, then scrub down the inside with a soft rag.

Self-clean your oven: Save time and money by using your stove’s self-cleaning function. Your oven might emit a temporary ash-like odor…so open windows to let the fresh spring air circulate throughout the house while doing it!

Steal some sunshine: Get old-fashioned and bring sunshine into your home through your fabrics. Hang blankets, towels, sheets, and drapes outside to dry. You’ll save on electricity, and you can’t beat that natural scent.

Scrub your grills: Cleaning your grill doesn’t mean using harsh chemicals. Heated, distilled water and a wire brush will work just fine. Trust us!

Brighten the blinds: Grab a white cotton glove, some baking soda and distilled water. Dissolve the baking soda into the water, dip fingertips into the mixture, and wipe the blinds by hand.

Freshen your fridge: Use the same baking soda and water mixture to wipe down the surface of your fridge. Keep new or used coffee grounds inside to ward off odors.

What are your best natural cleaning tricks? Let us know @FabFitFunChi! Oh, and if you don’t feel like tackling spring cleaning yourself, you can always let the experts handle it.

xx, The FabFitFun Chicago Team

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