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Must-Have Items for New Moms

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After the early bliss of welcoming baby into your arms, you’re surrounded by balloons, celebratory cake, and most of all, lots of help in the hospital. It’s lovely, it’s wonderful, it’s…temporary. Coming home and trying to fill a once “adult-only” space with useful baby gadgets is tough, so here are the top items that were most helpful to us those first few months. Hopefully, they help you stay fabulous as well!

1. Baby carrier: These easy, wraparound slings are perfect for day jaunts, easy breast-feeding, and staying fit in those early postpartum months. Perfect for new moms and baby!

2. Stroller: Sure, you love to hold baby, but mama’s gotta relax now and again, too! Having a high-quality stroller is hands-down a must have! Jogging strollers are fab, too, if you want to start running to burn extra calories.

3. Play gym: Nothing keeps the little one occupied quite like the play gym. Lay ‘er down on the floor, and she can play for hours… and you can sneak in some much-needed “mommy time.”

4. Swaddle blankets: the first few months are all about feeding and sleeping, and nothing puts them down quicker or quieter than swaddle blankets. Trust us, ladies.

5. Drying rack: Move over, champagne flutes and tequila shot glasses — it’s baby bottles and pacifiers galore, and you’ll need an extra drying rack for the endless cycle of washables. You’ll thank us.

6. Baby Bjorn bouncy chair: Keep baby happy and safe while you stay sane! This bouncy chair is adjustable to three different positions, perfect for eating, sleeping, or playing!

We know grandma isn’t always around to swoop on in with her magic touch, but these products worked miracles those first few months! Stay fun and fabulous, and keep your sanity, with a little help from these new mommy godsends.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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