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Milkin’ It

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Can we please see a show of hands for those of you who can finish this tagline: Got ____? Exactly. By now, we all know that milk does a body good. But did you know that not only does milk do a body good, but that it’s also a complete godsend for your skin? And no, we’re not just talking about the fact that Victor Cruz looks super sexy sporting a milk mustache (although that definitely doesn’t hurt our case), but rather the notion that good ol’ delicious milk is one of the star ingredients in some our most beloved facial cleansers.

Before you get lost in the thought of VC rubbing silky, buttery milk all over you (wait, that’s not what you were thinking?), you know what helps land a man of VC’s caliber? Gorgeous glowing skin, of course. And how exactly do you get your skin to shine bright like a di-a-mond? Read on and try some of these utterly (no pun intended) uh-mazing milk facial cleansers!

20130509_milkcleansers_korres_thumb Korres Milk Proteins Cleansing & Make Up Removing Wipes $15.89: Wash away your stressful day with these travel-friendly makeup removing milky wipes. Ideal for the girl on the go, these babies are strong enough to remove waterproof makeup, too!

20130509_milkcleansers_bliss_thumb Bliss Clog Dissolving Cleansing Milk $28: Not only can you achieve spa-like results with this little bottle of milky Bliss (it’s not just a clever name, ladies!), but it also doubles as a five-minute facial mask. Sold and sold.

20130509_milkcleansers_ren_thumb Ren Hydra-Calm Cleansing Milk $32: Perfect for sensitive skin, this über-luxurious cleanser is formulated with absolutely no synthetic ingredients. How great is that?

20130509_milkcleansers_dior_thumb Dior Gentle Cleansing Milk with Velvet Peony Extract $38: Seriously, what woman doesn’t love Dior? And trust us — this facial cleanser is no less than complete pampering perfection.

20130509_milkcleansers_lancome_thumb Lancóme Galatèe Confort Comforting Milky Creme Cleanser $30: We have yet to meet a Lancóme product we’re not obsessed with, and this silky smooth yet extremely effective crème cleanser is definitely no exception.

20130509_milkcleansers_kateceuticals_thumb KateCeuticals Moisture Milk Cleanser $58: It just feels so good when it hits your face (the lotion that is, such dirty minds you have!). And if you’re looking for that “My skin is so luminous and radiant you probably want to punch me because you’re totes jelly” look, you need search no further.

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