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Screwing the Rules

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By Laurel House of QuickieChick

Going home with your guy this holiday to meet his parents? Or maybe he’s coming home to meet yours? Regardless of whose family is doing the meeting, there are several things you can do to make the greeting less stressful and actually fun for everyone!

Remember: Keep the romance and connection alive!

Before you go:

  • Think about staying at a hotel. Why? You are creating a space for some privacy and some alone time.
  • Talk about the expectation of couple time with the family.
  • Why? Private couple time isn’t about being selfish; it’s about being conscious of your significant other. If you set the expectation before you go, you minimize the risk of confusion and awkwardness.
  • Bring a gift. Why? If you are meeting his parents, you should bring a gift. If he is meeting yours, he should bring a gift. But help each other decide what to get. This shows respect and that you appreciate their hospitality. It’s also just another way to make a good first impression. But don’t go overboard. The gift should be simple and inexpensive but thoughtful.
  • Share family stories. Why? You want to let each other in on inside family anecdotes, stories, background, and maybe even jokes. Again, it’s about expectation; it’s also about providing context and helping your significant other not feeling like an “other” or an outsider. If there is a particular family member whom your significant might have a lot in common with, let them in on that, too. Give them talking points.

Once there:

  • Ease in. Why? Take a walk before you make the introductions. Show off your town. Establish a feeling of comfort first.
  • Have a romp in the sheets! Why? This is about feeling connected before entering the unfamiliar family unit.
  • Meet the most important first. Why? If your significant is meeting your entire extended family at the big holiday dinner, first try to set aside some time for meeting the most important few people first at coffee, lunch or while taking a walk. This way they can feel comfortable with one another and feel a connection before being part of the craziness.
  • At the party, remember that you are partners. You’re on the same team. Why? You want to present a united front, showing your family how happy you are and what a great connection you have. The family wants to see it, too. If any little tiffs or annoyances arise between you two, save it for later.
  • Take a break. Why? In addition to being a time for family, remember that this is a time for each other as a couple. This is a major stepping stone. Fuel it with some romance time.

Email and mail a “thank you” note. Why? Your first impression ends after the end of the trip. It all lumps together as one full experience. All’s well that ends well. Email a note ASAP, then mail it the old-fashioned way immediately after.

Romance when meeting the family over the holidays:

The Broadmoor hotel in Colorado Springs has the balance of family and romance perfected. It’s the ideal spot for parents, children (young and grown), plus extended relatives looking for a place that offers lots of activities, eating venues, and just having fun— or for couples who want to get away, bask in their love, and never want to leave.

Couples looking for alone time should:

  • Get a couples massage in the gorgeous spa!
  • Have Sunday brunch at Charles Court (it’s one of the best in the country!)
  • Fine dine in the Penrose Room
  • Have drinks at the super posh Summit
  • Sip traditional cocktails and dance to live music at Tavern
  • Take a hike up the Manitou Incline
  • Repel off the rock formations in Garden of the Gods with Front Range Climbing
  • Stroll around the lake and watch the swans
  • Drink the lithium waters in Manitou Springs…I did.

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