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Meet the Parents

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Taking your boyfriend home for the holidays sounds kinda sweet, a little serious, and downright terrifying.

Is he ready to meet your embarrassing mom, your steely pops, your wino aunt, your bow-and-arrow-slinging bro, and your whimsical cousin Lance who’s just a bit too touchy-feely (with you and himself)?

Bringing your guy with you can cause extra stress as you head home this December, so check out our suggestions to help you make sure the time is right. If a couple of these describe you, then your relationship is strong enough to withstand the familial insanity!

  • You’ve already looked into each other’s eyes, dropped the L bomb, and neither of you fainted or threw up.
  • You’re comfortable enough with each other to spontaneously belt out Ice Ice Baby when it comes on the radio.
  • He’s met your girlfriends. He’s nice to them. They like him. And he’s never hit on them – not even the kinda slutty one.
  • When you went on a work trip you left him in charge of your dog/cat/rat/fish and nothing died.
  • He knows your stories. He’s even heard them multiple times. He doesn’t mind hearing them again.
  • You’re pretty sure your dad will like him – and if he doesn’t, it’s cool.
  • He knows how you take your coffee, what you like on your pizza, and what you’ll order at the bar.
  • You’re scared to bring him home, but you can’t imagine being there without him.
  • You imagine the future and he’s always there.
  • You have been literally superglued together and have no choice but to bring him along.

What do you think? Are there other surefire signs that he’s ready to meet the fam? Tweet @FabFitFun and let us know!

And most importantly: Happy Holidays!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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