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Make the Cut

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Let’s be honest, there are so many talented people whose work goes unnoticed because of how saturated the market is. That’s why we love when brands go out of their way to give those talented people a chance to be in the spotlight. Modcloth recently hosted the Make the Cut contest which was aimed at aspiring designers to create a fun and original design based on an inspirational swatch that was provided on their website. Over 600 designs were submitted, 10 finalists were chosen by celebrity stylist Joseph Cassell and costume designer Salvador Perez and than Marra, one of the lucky finalists, and an FIT graduate, was chosen as the winner. Marra’s dress will be manufactured and sold on, with her name included on every tag of the dress. She was also awarded a $500 prize – talk about one lucky lady!

We were thrilled to sit down with Marra for a quick chat to find out a little more about her and her recent winning!

Congrats on winning the Make the Cut contest! You must still be on cloud 9! Going into it, what chance did you think you had at actually winning?
I didn’t think I was going to be a finalist because I imagined there were lots of submissions and Modcloth is such a huge company. After I submitted my design I told myself I wasn’t going to think about it, but it was so hard not to!

What did you learn at FIT that you used while designing your dress?
I think that a little of everything that I learned at FIT helped with my submission. Pinpointing Modcloth’s customer and figuring out what would sell on their site was really important. Also understanding construction and making sure that my design made sense and would translate well from my sketch to an actual body. It was really hard because I didn’t have the actual fabric sample, only the description of it from Modcloth.

What did you want to keep in mind while coming up with your sketches?
Stripes are a favorite right now so I knew I wanted to incorporate them into my design but had to do it in a way that would translate well into a dress. I also wanted to be sure that it spoke to the Modcloth brand and wasn’t too funky to scare people away.

When you are coming up with a design do you think of the customer more or what you would wear?
I consider myself a little bit because I’m a consumer too but I really want my designs to speak to every woman and not just me.

What color palettes inspire you and your designs?
I love bold colors because they make a great statement. I also love pastels right now, especially mint.

Who are your style icons?
I would have to say Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Kate Middleton, and Diane Kruger. Diane is flawless all the time and I’m amazed that she doesn’t use a stylist!

If you could style one celebrity, who would you style and why?
Jennifer Lawrence! She is so huge right now and I just love her personality. She kind of has this tomboy look and I think it would be really fun to pull some everyday looks for her.

How do you think technology is impacting fashion right now?
3-D digital printing is definitely going to continue to have an impact on fashion but it’s not a complete game changer because there is and will always be a need for handcrafted textile design. The cool thing about digital printing is that you can incorporate millions of colors instead of only 20. I also think that the use of apps for e-commerce sites is also impacting fashion, but in a good way. I think it makes shoppers excited and it’s fun and easier to browse when on the go.

What do you see and hope the next step in your career will be?
First I would love to open up my own boutique. I also want to design and sell (in my boutique) a small handbag line made of vegan leather with my own textile design as the lining.

We are so excited for Marra and think she has a bright and creative future to look forward to! To stay up-to-date on her happenings, you can follow her on Twitter @trinitymazz!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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