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Hot Hottie Smackdown

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It’s official. March Madness has unmistakably begun — sending hordes of sports fans into an all-out ranking, bracketing, betting frenzy.

And while we can understand the appeal of picking your fave teams this season, wouldn’t you rather spend your time picking Hollywood’s hottest men? Ummm yes!

That’s why FabFitFun has spent the last week with the arduous task of selecting the best looking, most gorgeous eye candy in town to create our Hot Hottie Smackdown. Our beautiful bracket of boys will finally answer the question: who is the hottest of them all?!?

Each day two hotties will go head to head on our Facebook page, fighting to move ahead to the next round. Winners will move on to face off against the next hottie, and so on, and so on, until we crown the hottest hottie alive.

Ryan, Channing, Brad, Jonah (Yes sometimes we like them chunky) — the fates of these pretty boys lie at your feverish fingertips. The more you vote, the greater the odds your fave cuties will take top honors.

Not to mention, every time vote you will earn a chance to win a fabulous Motoactv. Recently featured in our must-have fitness gadgets, the Motoactv allows you to track everything from distance to speed to calories burned. And if that’s not enough, it also works as an MP3 player that can determine which jams really get your blood pumping!

So what are you waiting for? The first matchup is Brad Pitt vs. Bradley Cooper!

Head to our Facebook page now to choose your favorite and check back each day to vote for the next round of hotties. We promise to post lots of shirtless pics of the winner! And if this is demeaning to men we’re sorry — but we’re still gonna do it.

Have fun and happy hottie hunting.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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