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This Man’s Guide to Birth Control Is Perfect

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A cute guy who cooks and understands the basics of safe sex? Is this our dream come true?

No need to pinch yourself, ladies. Guy Nottadadi is 100% real. And in a series of short videos for, he’s helping out his fellow dudes by cooly explaining important facts about birth control.

Discussing eggs, sperm, and cervical mucus might not be our idea of dirty talk, but watching Guy do it in an apron while grilling a steak could get anyone in the mood. Especially since the point of the video is to help your guy understand exactly what’s happening inside of your body when you take the pill.

He even suggests that men help their ladies pay for oral contraceptives so that the burden doesn’t land on our shoulders alone. Now that’s chivalry.

Consider passing this video along to all of your guy friends and potential lovers.

And if you’ve got some free time, check out his other hot, hilarious, and informative shorts.

You can thank us later.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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