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All About the Brushes, Baby!

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Show us a woman who doesn’t love options and we’ll show you a man who doesn’t love…sports (come on — get your minds out of the gutter!). But let’s be honest: too many options can lead to hours upon hours of frustrating decision making (similar to our last trip to Pinkberry) — and makeup brushes are no exception.

With so many poufs, swabs, blenders, brushes, and applicators, it can be hard to separate the essentials from the novelty (seriously — have you seen Kim K’s bathroom counter?). Luckily, celebrity makeup artist Kimberley Bosso is here to guide us through our agonizing makeup trials and tribulations (looking good is hard, girlfriend!) We chatted with the Los Angeles-based makeup maven and got the skinny on the five most crucial makeup brushes every FFF girl must own and how to use them.

Eyeshadow-Brush Eyeshadow Brush: This dome-shaped brush is imperative for achieving eye shadow perfection. A firm shadow brush is best used to apply eye shadow “by tapping a pigmented shadow to achieve rich color and coverage,” Bosso said, while a “fluffy” dome brush is excellent for “sweeping shadow.” Want to “sweep” your shadow like a celeb? Create a C-shape on the outside of the eye, starting from your eyelid and moving up to the outer crease or lower brow bone (think Lauren Conrad).

Crease-Brush Crease Brush: Not just a clever name, this brush is crucial for applying eyeshadow in the crease of the eyelid. “Use this brush to make a ‘V’ on the outer corners of the eye to create contour and definition,” Bosso said. And if you’re going for a more “diffused look,” this brush also doubles as a shadow blender (who doesn’t love a “twofer?”).

Smudge-Brush Smudge Brush: Another makeup bag necessity, the smudge brush is “fantastic for smudging or softening the liner by smoothing and blending,” Bosso said, but the key to selecting this brush is choosing one with soft bristles. This baby is also great for applying shadow to the lower eye line.

Eyebrow-Brush Eyebrow Brush: According to Bosso, the slanted brow brush is one item that is not to be overlooked. “Every woman looks best with a filled in brow if her brows are sparse or thin,” she says. Superior to an eyebrow pencil (which can look harsh), Bosso recommends synthetic bristles (its stiffness makes it easier to fill in any gaps).

Blush-Powder-Brush Blush/Powder Brush: While Bosso isn’t a huge loose powder fan (she recommends using it sparingly on the T-zone and keeping the rest of the face of the face “dewy and luminous”), a powder brush is a necessity. Although typically used for eliminating unwanted T-zone shine, this bad boy is great for creating that coveted red carpet glow by adding shimmer to the high of the cheek bones up to the temples. Insider tip: “sweeping” loose powder or blush on the face will be most natural, where the “tapping” motion will create more of a matte look and appear heavier (Bosso prefers the “sweeping” technique as it creates a more natural glow versus a heavily made up look).

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