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Love, Lingerie, and the Little Perf Dress

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When we were in middle school the most important thing about Valentine’s Day was how many cards we got — it was somehow a validation of our popularity. It got so bad we even counted the card we got from our grandmother (which is kind of like kissing your cousin).

Well nowadays we’re more focused on one person, and the importance of Valentine’s Day has moved to Valentine’s night…when the fun stuff really happens. And in that spirit we have joined forces with bra expert Ali Cudby of Fab Foundations to bring you the sweetest and sexiest lingerie options out there!

Check out her top lingerie sets on the market for every body type.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

P.S. Of course lovely lingerie is only one piece of the perfect V-Day ensemble. Start the night off right by putting on one of these sophisticated and flirty dresses that will make him wanna rip it right off.

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