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Perfecting Your Beauty Routine

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When our alarm goes off, snoozing always wins — take that Mr. You Snooze You Lose Man! But hitting that blaring alarm after snoozing one three too many times always makes us lose in the “I don’t have nearly enough time to look like I totes didn’t just roll out of bed” game. So as it turns out, when you snooze you def do lose. And getting out of bed really isn’t that hard. OK, it’s hard but it’s not that hard. #lessonlearned

And keeping your peepers happy isn’t so hard either. “Taking care of your eyes and contact lenses doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, cleaning and disinfecting your contact lenses, inserting lenses before you apply makeup and removing before taking off makeup are all easy steps to incorporate into existing morning and evening beauty routines. By committing to proper lens care routines, you minimize the risk of exposing your precious eyes to germs,” said our friend and eye expert Dr. Chris Sindt.

But what if you can have your sleep and look presentable too? Dare we say, it is possible! Here are some great tips for your morning and evening beauty routines to help you get ready for work and then ready for bed as quickly and efficiently as possible — making more time for sleeping/watching The Real Housewives/reading FabFitFun…obvi!


  1. In the a.m. you can go with a gentle cleanser — nothing too fancy schmancy (or with harsh chemicals).
  2. Next up – hair! We suggest using all of your sprays, gels and mousses before putting in your contacts. It’s just too easy to squirt something in your eye. And before you put in your contacts, finish off your ‘do’ with a little anti-frizz gloss to keep locks looking luxe.
  3. Once your hair looks oh-so-fine, wash your hands with a gentle soap and dry them well1. Before you dip your hands into your makeup drawer – put on your contacts2! You’ll avoid the risk of getting them dirty, which could lead to infection (find out more for why dirty hands are risk at Hello smudge-free world! And as always, make sure to use lens solution to rinse your contacts (not tap water) and of course, always check the expiration date on the solution1!
  4. Who needs 12 different products to put on in 12 different layers? What you know you need: sunscreen. To save time, grab a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen in it.
  5. Stick to the basics: a tinted moisturizer (you already put it on!) a sweep of bronzer, a sweep of shadow, eye liner, mascara, and gloss, and you’re good to go!
  6. Look for words like “hypoallergenic” and “ophthalmologist-tested” to make sure your makeup is appropriate for contact wearers or sensitive eyes. We also suggest choosing cream eye shadow over the powder kind – it’s much easier to control and less likely to flake.
  7. Apply non-waterproof mascara, shadow and liner with care. Never apply liner to the inside of your eyelid. And be gentle when putting on your eye makeup – your peepers will thank us later!

Let’s be real — once you’ve crawled into bed and are hours deep into both your Scandal marathon and box of Oreos*, it’s oh so tempting to just get some shut-eye with your makeup and contact lenses still in. But those are mostly no-nos (the box of Oreos* we can justify) so take a few minutes and follow these few tips to get ready for shut-eye in a snap.

  1. First things first: Wash and dry your hands and then remove those contact lenses! This way you won’t get makeup on them when you take off your makeup2.
  2. Make sure that you dump out all your old contact lens solution every night! A recent survey showed that almost a third of contact lens wearers admitted to topping off old solution with new solution or reusing yesterday’s solution. (Even crazier? Of that third, about 35% said they do it all the time3!)
  3. Use a makeup remover. All out? Too lazy? At least use an oil-free makeup remover wipe. Your future self will thank you when you wake up sans pimples.
  4. Once your makeup is off, wash your face with a cleanser that gets down and clears away the dirty, depending on your skin type. And exfoliate a few times a week!
  5. Brush your teeth. But really did we need to tell you that?

xx, The FabFitFun Team


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*Trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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