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Our Latest Fitness Obsession: Les Mills

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We are living in a fast-paced world, ladies. Between work, family, and friends, it’s hard to get in a little time for ourselves, much less for our workouts. So every once in a while, it’s totally understandable (and forgivable) that our favorite elliptical loses out to the sweet, sweet call of the sofa and a good Nicholas Sparks movie. But what happens when that “every once in a while” indulgence becomes an everyday thing? Pretty soon, your perfect pair of jeans (you know, the ones that make your butt look absolutely uh-mazing?) will show off less of your backside and more of that dreaded muffin top. What to do? Lucky for you (and your jeans), we’ve found a fab solution to workout boredom: the LES MILLS® group fitness programs!

The folks at Les Mills figured out the key to sustaining a fitness regimen (and no, it isn’t that hot trainer whose gym schedule you’ve got memorized). Over the course of 30 weeks, Les Mills conducted a study called Get Fit Together, where they turned 25 couch potatoes into lean, mean, exercising machines. They based their program on the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) physical activity guidelines: an hour of cardio 2-5 days a week, 8-10 strength exercises 2 days a week, and flexibility exercises once a week. What they discovered is that working out in a group setting made people want to exercise — only five people ever missed a workout in the nearly eight month period! And when it was all said and done, these couch potatoes had some uh-mazing results: less body fat, more muscle mass, and a lowered risk of cardiovascular disease. The best part? They didn’t have to change their diets at all — so you don’t have to say goodbye to your fave flatbread pizza.

Les Mills has a ton of different group classes to choose from, depending on your mood and fitness level — we’re big fans of their BODYCOMBAT™ (martial arts cardio) and their BODYBALANCE™ (flexibility) classes. We also love the fact that they ease you into a fitness routine, so it’s not like you have to be in top form on your first day.

Les Mills has totally turned us into fitness addicts, but more than that, we’re absolutely ub-sessed with how good we feel (and how great our backsides look)!
To find a Les Mills class near you, go to www.LesMills.com and click on “Find a Class.”

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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